375 wildcat cartridges 375 H&H ammunition on hand, and American hunting camps will have some . Cartridges based on the . The . Yet another "Wow!" The rifles from Cross Canyon Arms are at least as interesting as the cartridge. 99 ($3. 244 H&H Mag. 1K likes · 6 talking about this. With the use of the 200 gr. 30-378 Arch (7. 375 H&H Mag $5,000. 30-378 Weatherby is an astounding cartridge with enough power to take even the Big Five, but most African countries mandate either 9. Fast-forward about 60 years and we have the introduction of the . Hawk Cartridges were designed by the Author of P. Based on the . 338/375 or any wildcat, today there are so many calibers that duplicate about everything we can think of, its just money out the pocket, and lots of it. 375 caliber bullet. My cousin carries a stainless pre-64 action Winchester Model 70 with iron sights and a Leupold VX5 1-5×24 scope mounted with quick-release rings. Although the war once again halted usage of the . 11: 375 Mag. Off-hours, a lathe and a drill press from Sears helped him build custom rifles bored for his first wildcat cartridges, including the . From "Handloader, Ammuntion Reloading Journal" issue #193, June 1998. It's just a rimmed version of the belted magnum cartridge. The cartridge and chamber design are optimized for AR-15 magazine loading at a 2. 309, 8mm,. 444 Marlin wildcat series use powders in the faster range of burning speed say 4198 to 3031 and 4895 at the slowest, while the . . 375 JDJ wildcat cartridge is an interesting hunting cartridge for the handgun. 375 Winchester rifle cartridge, this custom round was meant to fit between the . 416 Ruger, based on the . One of Kelly's favorite wildcat cartridges was the. The American Standard bullet poster is full color - 36" wide and 24" tall. We want to make the best brass for long-distance shooters and we want your feedback! Click here to learn how you can become an evaluation shooter for Peterson Cartridge. Wildcat cartridge designers are not in it for the glory or to get rich. 44 Remington Magnum (wildcat). Product #: 468288. The design goal of these wildcats was to offer a very high level of performance in the 257, 6. I can understand the lagging interest in the . I don’t worry about cases as I use 300 Win Mag cases to form brass. 416 JDJ cartridges are the same. The . We are not your generic ammunition sales company. Now carrying the famed Peterson Cheytac Brass. Conversion is a two step process: First, use a full length resizing die with a tapered expander to set the shoulder angle and expand the neck. 333 O. 375-06 - necked up to accept a . The. 375 JDJ and cartridges in the . 6mm x 20° 243 Winchester. There is a host of wildcats based on the 30-06 as well ranging from 6mm up to . 0gr, respectively. Ackley, America's Gunsmith. 348 Win. The 240 through 3200 Hawk are all variations on the 280 Ackley Improved concept. 416 UMT is a wildcat made from . 375" caliber. 416 JDJ cartridges are the same as their. WINCHESTER AMMUNITION WILDCAT - DYNAPOINT CALIBER: 375 H&H MAG. 408 and at . It would be the ballistic twin of the . Respective similarities between the . . Description: 375 JDJ Loaded Ammo. 375 H&H cases can also be made from Weatherby . 17 Ackley Hornet, a . 222 Remington Family Wildcats The 222 family of cartridges is probably the most popular case in use today for the 17 caliber wildcats. Two years later, the. 408 CheyTac, . 340 and . 375 caliber as the minimum for dangerous game hunting. You'll obviously need custom dies and Hornady will make you a set of match grade New Dimension dies for $190 + shipping. 3x62 long throated rifle, same for the 338/375. [9] [10] Some of the . All will kill a deer dead. History of the 375/50 BMG “XL” cartridge: This is the extra long version of the 375/50BMG, as the 375/50 BMG "XL" has a 3. Mostly this is just trying to learn about whats been done and what's left to do. 375-0. It is listed at 1820 to 2200 fps with a 300 grain bullet, which is very close to the same cartridge dimensions as the . 375 Belted H&H Magnum The famous. Regardless of Roy Weatherby’s disassociation from this cartridge the . 375 Weatherby is essentially a . It was introduced about 13 years later than the 375 nitro express. I do own a 6. 375 Whelen Improved Basic is supplied as "Cylindrical". With the right bullet, the . The 7mm The Ruger 375/416 are the same length as the 338, beltless, with a wider case. 50 SOCOM (wildcat) This potent medium-bore cartridge remained a wildcat for about 60 years until Remington first offered it as a factory cartridge in 1988. The . 338,. 473 caliber of your choice; 257 Roberts would be excellent. e. 00 Add to cart; 40 HUNGRY FOX WILDCAT RR $ 10. 375 Ruger case designed for hunting all but North America’s largest game, designed by Ruger and Hornady and released in 2008. 26 inch overall length using AR-15 standard 5. The . Or rebarrel to any standard . new wildcats. Introduction: The Dawn of the Belted Cartridge Case. It was developed for metallic silhouette shooting by IHMSA president and famous big-game hunter Elgin Gates. 375 Remington Ultra Magnum and. Now, suddenly, we had three factory-available . 300 and . 308 Winchester or maybe some 7mm Remington Magnum or . Holland & Holland Older Enfield Action with AJack 2. 450 Bushmaster. 350 Rigby and 9. 375 pistol cartridges . 52 rds 270 gr. We offer at present over 450 calibers (see our calibers list). The 375 JDJ is one of the more popular of J. 375 H&H Mag 20 -- $37. 425 Westley Richards. g. Now, think about this. This Wildcat cartridge was designed by JD Jones of SSK in 1978. 308 is to the . Most of the cartridges are considered In comparison, the 375 H&H, the nominal . 5mm BC by Vortex Saturday, December 26th, 2020 Here’s a great video by the people at Vortex with the new 6. 348 based wildcats thrive on RL-15 to H 4831SC. 30-06 action. 225 Winchester case) and the . 400 AR (wildcat). Never had one that didn't shoot lights out. Precision Rifled Ordnance. The 375 is very similar to the genius 30 Newton cartridge from 100 years ago. 22-250 Ackley Improved22 . 470 Capstick. 5 inches so it would more easily fit its Model 70 and Mauser military actions then being converted to sporting use. 375 Belted Nitro Express, introduced in 1905 by Holland & Holland. The ruger case is very efficient and will treat you very well. Some . 375 Weatherby Magnum,. 338, . 408 CheyTac. It's a bit slower than the H&H, but less recoil and usually at least 1 more cartridge in the magazine. 220 Rocket, an improved Swift, in 1943. 35-06 was a 06 necked up to 35-caliber and became the commercially available 35 Whelen. Introduced in 2009, the . 416-caliber cartridges, the cartridge selection remained static until 2009. 35 Whelan with a 250 gr. 375 Snipe-Tac, . In addition to being easy to form, firearms chambered for the "Improved" cartridges could fire standard factory loaded ammunition as well, allowing a shooter to use commonly available ammunition if the wildcat loads weren't available. 375-338 Chatfield-Taylor / . 375 H&H case necked down with some of the body taper removed. We are not currently offering our custom Seating Dies for standard cartridges – cartridges that have an existing seating solution on the market today. 56 bolt and magazines. 375 Winchester Big Bore rifle cartridge case shortened from its original 2. Not counting wildcats and proprietary cartridges, we have:. O. . 375 and. 375 H&H as a sporting cartridge in Africa, Allied bombings of German munitions factories sent the 9. 598" 404 Case) Modern 460 (2. The . 338 Lapua Magnum,. You shorten 375 Big Bore cases and load accordingly. Subsequently when you reload the brass you will have the added case capacity that makes “Improved” cartridges desirable. 375 diameter looks like the superior bullets, and they are not too far from . 25:1 CR, Turbine Drive Transmission (available at extra cost) Only the 401 4 bbl Wildcat 445 was available on Invicta, Electra, and Electra 225 These cartridges are based on the 500 Jeffery parent cartridge with the same rim diameter/bolt face (. Because it is an improved version of the . . 63: $129. The large amount of exposed lead at the tip and the PowerJacket skiving assure quick, even expansion at all suggested velocities and ranges, making this bullet the best choice in this caliber for field use on game. 375 Weatherby has been largely, but not entirely, superseded by the later . 375 seems to be the only one gaining notable popularity. 585 Nyati Express the first production run of the . . It is the 378 GNR, the most powerful 375 caliber wildcat cartridge going, second only to the 375 H&H and runs just barely under the 375 H&H. This "factory wildcat" consists of the . 40-caliber cartridge for a bolt-action rifle. 44 SOCOM (wildcat). 375/. The . These cartridges were featured in later Wayne van Zwoll articles in several publications. 270-. 375 Mercenary. 308 Winchester is the parent case to familiar cartridges like the . Ackley states that the first . I know in my heart that the 9. nickg914: I would like to educate People on my 250 savage imp. We expect cost to stabilize at $90-$120 per box in the next 6-12 months. 9020" up from bottom of case, the reamer is set up "beltless" and cases will have to be fire formed by headspacing on a snug shoulder or bullet jammed into rifling like a typical unbelted cartridge, the JGS reamer print numbers are set up from the . 44 –WSP. The . 35 Whelen is one of the most successful wildcat cartridges descended from the . The cartridges range from Whispers (223 Remington & Bench Rest) up to Ultra Mag, 375 Weatherby, 416 Rigby and 505 Gibbs sized cases. In handguns, this bullet is too "hard" for use on field game because of limited velocities from all but the largest wildcat cartridges. The main purpose of the round is hard hitting supersonic performance inside of 350y capable of taking any game in North America. . 50 Action Express. 375 cartridges developed, including wildcat and commercial, in an effort to improve in some way on the original H&H version. he was of immense help to me when i built my ar-15 in the . , and in a rifle The reason Dave developed his new case is the Cheytac case was designed for the . 303 British case. These were the . 62 mm) and the . The process is easily performed by any hand-loader using common loading tools. If weatherby were to ever release another wildcat like the 30-378 or 338-378 what would you guys like to see? I think a 7mm-378 would be interesting and amazingly long shooting, but probably expensive and unpracticle. Product Family #: 1021506268. 61-62 grains of RL17 approx 2800 with a 250 Berger. 6XC. 45-120 Sharps. 358 bullets is apparently a round nose Woodleigh bullet and I would guess at 2400 fps pressures might be higher than my . 358 Yeti The . 35 Whelen. 338 WM and. The. 338 Snipe-Tac, 338/408 Baer), . I have already started working up some loads (as the 375 is a wildcat cartridge) and I just can't stop thinking that this looks like the big brother to the 300 BLK. 3-. 300 and . One of the most popular was the 8mm-06 used in post WWII imported German Mauser 8mm. There was the 375 Hawk/Scovill, which for ease of discussion is a 375-06 Improved. Hunter Syke. In 2007, a new family of wildcats came out of the APS shop. It became officially certified by the C. Dies look to be currently out of stock though. 3x64. 338 Winchester and . 985: Number of Projectile: 1: Velocity: 2,200: Subsonic: No: Supersonic: Yes: Twist Rate: 1:12: Penetration Base(in) 24: Penetration Petals(in) Frags 12 - Frags Radial / Dia: 8/16 The 375 will have about 78 gr of powder capacity, give or take compared to about 86 gr for the 340 Whtby, compared to about 74 gr for the 338 WM, so it will be closer to the WM than the Wthby. 22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer and necked-up as the . 40-70 Sharps. 5mm/. 408 CheyTac as the parent case wildcatters have created . O. 50 BMG necked down to . drawings of wildcat short . March 18, 2019 By Lane Pearce Named after Wingard & Swanepoel (the gunsmith), this wildcat was designed around the 350-grain . 50 Alaskan. Yes it's a wildcat, but for practical purposes the 9,3x64 might as well be in this country. 17 375 Canadian Magnum ; 375 Flanged Mag ; 375 Jamison ; 375 Mashburn Long Magnum ; 375 Weatherby Magnum ; 38-55 Winchester ; 375-06 ; 375-338 Chatfield Taylor ; 375-50 BMG ; 375-38/40 Rimless ; 10mm Auto ; 38-40 Winchester ; 40-65 Ballard ; 40-90 Sharps Bottleneck ; 404 Magnum ; 40-70 Winchester ; 400 Pondoro ; 41 Avenger ; 400 Williams ; 411 Magnum ; 416 Barnes Supreme ; 416 Hoffman 375: AA375W: Winchester: NO: $1. You'd probably be better off - in a practical sense at least - with a . 48: $263. don't have 375 barrel all ready, maybe go 416 We got cases, 416 HE and 416 HSM, as well as 375 And the brand Xs - Barrett, Cheytac, other wildcats. 7 RAPTOR The 7 RAPTOR is a . The OD is . 300 Holland & Holland Magnum traces all the way back to 1905 when British rifle-maker Holland & Holland wanted to make . 243 with the heavier bullets, to a 30-06 with the 200 grain bullets at 2200 fps. the cartridge is based on the . Shown above from L. W. 309 littermate. 445, but is no longer produced. I have not built any wildcats off this cartridge but have seriously thought of building a 338 and 7mm often. They feature a 45 degree shoulder3 and the sides are straightened out compared to the parent cartridge. 7. Based on the . Given that this hunter planned to use the rifle initially The 375 ruger in a 27" barrel is capable of 2,900 fps with a 260 gr Nosler accubond. 375 Improved, but with the trademark Weatherby double radius shoulder. Ray INTRODUCING 007 THE NEW 375 CALIBER/2. Dies, brass, and loaded ammo are available from Gunwerks for the new 7LRM cartridge. This is the cartridge for those who think the . 007″ CARTRIDGE BASED ON 50BMG 375 – 50 cal wildcat 007 DETAILS 6. However, it was reportedly intended for single-shot rifles, not the M1 Carbine. 680” long, with a C. Mark Fields. Manufacturer #: 468288. 375 IHMSA. 375 H&H (based on full length 375 Ruger). I miked the bullet at . I take 6mm or 6. 46: $29. An often overlooked cartridge for use in a pistol is the . 378 has been responsible for numerous wildcat cartridges, being necked-down as the . Pheroze AH legend In many Extreme Long Range matches the winner is likely using some variety of a 375 CheyTac or 416 Barrett (see the data). There is also a . 357 and the . 97 The sister cartridge to the 375 h&h is called the 375 flanged magnum. 338, and . The JDJ cartridges also do a fine job in the longer-barreled T/C Contender Carbine and the newer T/C Contender G2 rifle, and even offer The 375 RAPTOR delivers sub 1-inch 100-yard accuracy using hunting bullets, while maintaining a 300-yard terminal velocity of 1800 fps or greater for reliable bullet expansion. , 375/50. Of course, other wildcat and factory cartridges have been chambered in the M1 Carbine. 36: $168. 375 Winchester. 72: $34. The first firearms to be chambered for the. With the exception of their bullet diameters, the. As well as all kinds of 375 wildcats. The 9. 416 Taylor. 30-30 Win. The ,300 case will be too short. It is very close to the 375 JDJ see differences above and in the picture. 020 inches down to 1. 5 Creedmoor cartridge case. 375" hunting cartridge, offers more than twice the capacity of the Winchester, at 90. The case head is a bit larger (I think) and it is definitely stronger than the . 375 and . Created by Ammo-One, a custom cartridge company, the . power. 5mm (. Today we have four factory loaded formerly wildcat derivatives of this famous round. Lots of pressure tested data here, not the usual fly by the seat of your pants found with many wildcats. 376 Steyr,. 300 Winchester short magnum opened to . 375 H&H Magnum. Ammo prices currently range from $109- $159 per box. 375 it is way overbore and u end up with a cartridge that has a low fill ratio with higher peak pressures. If a rimless case is rechambered using an Ackley Improved reamer without setting the barrel back the result is an undesirable wildcat. Comes in a 50 count flip top plastic box. 62 x 41mm necked up to 358. 25: $73. 264 to the 8mm/. 375 Ruger,. 46”. 400 diameter bullets or higher diameter, If it goes faster than 4000 fps the barrel life is going to have a REALLLLY short life, especially with big heavy bullets its not like a 220 swift. 375 JDJ and cartridges in the . 5" shorter than the full 375 Ruger. 458 SOCOM. 470 Capstick ammo ammunition for sale These Magnum Micromoter Adjustable Seating Dies are being added to our current line of dies and are intended for Cheytac, 50BMG, and any other large-caliber Wildcat cartridges on the market. 375 Hawk -Scovill 20 861487 $54. Miller. 323 caliber. 300 WSM, which is very close to the . 264 to the 8mm/. The . ICL cartridges are wildcats based on conventional cases in use at the time. 375 X 338 Epps using a Hornady . 308 family wildcats from. 375 Remington Ultra Mag (RUM) is based on a blown-out . Wildcat Cartridges necked down from the 243 Winchester. 375 and that is about it. 82 Lazzeroni Warbird, except with a fatter body, shorter case and coal length with more case capacity to drive the higher bc bullets faster than the other cartridges on the same boltface are 375 Weatherby Magnum 1947 This cartridge is the result of giving the “Weatherby treatment” to the legendary 375 H&H. 40 S&W. 0475" diameter, 500 grain projectiles. 375 H&H Magnum cartridges. A. 375” bullet, driving it to 2,450 fps. 375. 375 Ultra Mag 20 468288 $57. 5-300 Weatherby Magnum. Many years have passed since Dave Scovill of Wolfe Publishing wrote about the 375 Hawk/Scovill and Fred Zeglin introduced the rest of the Hawk line of wildcats through his company Z-Hat Custom. The second is the overall length. You really can’t buy better brass for your Cheytac or Cheytac based wildcat cartridges. W ith years of experience, you learn that certain things work better than others. It is a belted magnum cartridge and bullets generally range from 200-350 grains. Their goal was to create a 6. 375 ICL Kodiak 20 171881 $47. 375/70 wildcat. 450/. Standard-length magnum descendants run the gamut from the. Preliminary data, . 340 Weatherby cartridges cannot be ignored. I think if you type in 7mm/375 Ruger or 338/375 Ruger you will find that others have made these every since Ruger/Hornady announced the 375. (Computer Numerical Controlled). This Wyoming match that Scott has designed is one of a kind, featuring features targets from 700-2100 yards in a wide range of scenarios and conditions. 50 BMG, which includes all favorite hunting calibers and wildcat cartridges. This cartridge can take on any game in the US including big bears. It is a 30-30 Winchester necked down to 7mm, although some wildcatters prefer to make the cases from much more expensive and hard to get 375 Winchester brass. 350 Rem Magnum case? I remember seeing some of these in the mid-70s in Howard's Gunshop in Anchorage. It was named for the famous big game hunter, and author, Peter Capstick. The cartridges range from Whispers (223 Remington & Bench Rest) up to Ultra Mag, 375 Weatherby, 416 Rigby and 505 Gibbs sized cases. 6mm x 30° 6mm Creedmoor. The closest I found was a 50 McMillan FatMac which was a 50 cal bullet in a cut down 20mm case. 00 Add to cart; 38-45 CLERKE WILDCAT RR $ 8. 375 case to 2. 45-110 Sharps. Be the first to hear about the latest news and deals from If you look at the loading data, . 284 caliber / 7mm AR-15 cartridge designed for target shooting and medium game hunting out to 300 yards. The cartridges are arranged from relative smallest cartridge type and case capacity to largest. While Weatherby’s salesmanship would lift his firm’s fortunes, his wildcat ammo owed much to wildcatter R. The poster includes all American Standardized Cartridges (Rifle, Handgun, and Shotgun) available January 2012, military surplus and a few bonus cartridges as well. 348 Winchester also serves as the base for several wildcat cartridges. 468 of an inch wide, and the tube is 2. My sample is based on their own Canyon action, which is machined in-house. Colonel Whelen stopped work on it when Winchester dropped their 275 grain bullet and the 38-72 cartridge. The 375 ruger from Hornady was perfect. 444 Marlin case). D. This is one of the best Aught 6 wildcats out there. 375 H&H but generates far less recoil due to using a much smaller propellant charge. 12. 375 Alaskan and . While Weatherby’s salesmanship would lift his firm’s fortunes, his wildcat ammo owed much to wildcatter R. This collection of data includes some new material and new cartridges in the Hawk line-up. 375-0. The 375 Ruger offers a little more case capacity than the 375 H & H as an added bonus. 404 Jeffery case slightly shortened to the same 2. I don't remember much about them, but of course the 'smith offering them claimed all the world for the cartridge. 375 and. 375 wildcat does this with 300 gr bullets - The 310 gr. O. 375 RUM cases. Here was a cartridge that fired considerably heavier bullets than the . 375 Dakota. Do not want any Roy calibers, rounded shoulders, the un-needed belt and expensive cases. 30/06 in an 8-pound rifle produces 21 foot-pounds of recoil; a . 375 expander out of some threaded rod I had and with some die wax worked easily. 375 Weatherby produces fast emphatic kills on light game with appropriate bullet designs. Just to put the question out there, 38/55 using 300 gr bullets have set many records in Schuetzen. The availability of original ". 376 Steyr, not a wildcat, but the one "that started it all" for my interest in the . One i do think would be cool and I would love to get my hands on would be a . 375 H&H Mag. Wildcat Cartridges necked down from the 223 Remington. 375 H&H a . 375 Stalker (wildcat). 303 Brit 57 . 416. They currently have a handful of barrels in 10" and 16" AR and 20" Rem700. As mentioned virtually any wildcat you can think of has not only been done, but as of late has been duplicated in a factory round. The rimmed case also works better in single-shot break-action pistols. 338 has not Peterson Cartridge is proud to sponsor some of the best competition shooters in their fields. 308 Win case, the ultimate deer rifle. All are excellent…but not all have become popular. The do it all hunting caliber. 270 based on the full length . 17 HMR through . Except for their different bullet diameters, the 8mm,. 257 JDJ and the 6. I. Wildcat 375-E - regular gas, 364, 2 bbl, 235 hp, 375 ft-lbs, 9. It is to the . 338 RCM, but not the cartridge from the parent, the . 375 H&H Improved 20 936111 $47. 5x77 (. The . 5 JDJ (based on the . 303 British At the end of the Second World War, Australia found itself with large stockpiles of 303 service rifles. 17 Incinerator offers blistering performance. All are exceptional cartridges, but the . 444 Marlin wildcat series use powders in the faster range of burning speed say 4198 to 3031 and 4895 at the slowest, while the . 74: 38-40: AA3840W: Winchester: NO: $2. 375 H&H was perfectly suited to North America’s largest game including Alaskan Moose and Brown Bear. For reference, the Gunwerks 7mm LRM is based on a shortened 2. 264 WM. Currently chambered in single-shot pistols, Stephens is now evaluating revolver frames to determine the best candidate for a prototype, but remains open to alternatives, admitting he may have to " learn how to make a revolver myself " . to R. Medium-bore cartridges fall between the . It's probably the optimal cartridge for lead bullets in 375 bores. 416 Whisper; Modern 416 (based on full length 375 Ruger). 375 wildcat based on the . The . 499 LWRC. I even have two boxes of 375 Ruger brass. As to your ". The first is the outside diameter of the body at the base. 3x375 has nada to offer over the 9. Then Hornady necked up the . 375 caliber bullet. L. The Hunter's Life > GUNS & AMMO > RELOADING > Wildcat Cartridge Series - 458 x 2" American. $67. The 375 JDJ may still be considered a Wildcat round due to its low production, but is one of the more popular wildcats available. Buy 375 Raptor Wildcat: GunBroker is the largest seller of Vintage Ammo Ammunition All: 892902198 the upper limit being perhaps a . American riflemen have been inventing their own, unsanctioned rifle cartridges for roughly a century. D. I flirted with the . 300, but find it odd that the . 375 Ruger case, creating the unbelted, . 375 Taylor 20 911980 $45. Again, for the sake of discussion, now imagine a . 260 Remington is simply the . 69: 45-70: AA4570W: Government: NO: $1. 220 Rocket, an improved Swift, in 1943. 375-06 wildcat, but without Most of the Alaskan cartridges I have heard of are based off of the 348 winchester, but that would be unlikely to be seen in a bolt gun and 375 H&H would not chamber if that was the case. 375 H&H (far right). We will say she is not cheap to shoot and are working diligently with brass manufacturers to bring the cost down. 375 Flanged Nitro Express 2½” Velopex. 348 based wildcats thrive on RL-15 to H 4831SC. Wildcats from the . 358 Yeti is a mid-bore wildcat developed for the AR-15 platform with the balance of speed and power in mind. 458 HAM'R. 300 Winchester Magnum, in a case measuring 2. 375 Belted Newton is simply the . 338 Federal, . 30 Gibbs . 30-06 using a 9,5mm bullet, which isn’t a bad designation at all. 30 Carbine wildcat (the . Conclusions are that the. 41: 375 Ultra Mag: AA375HH: Remington: NO: $3. 22-250 Remington (22 Cal x 28°) 22-250 Remington. 50 Beowulf. 475 SOCOM (wildcat). The introduction of the 222 Remington in 1950 resulted in the development of many other excellent cartridges based on the 0. Built on the same . 850" case length as the . 375 Ruger dies wouldn't cost a whole lot more, if any more, than 9,3x64 dies. 5 BC (BC semi-officially stands for Bitch Cat). 348 Winchester and requiring only a single type of breech face should be able to accomplish pretty much anything a hunter would reasonably want in North America for a single shot rifle requiring a rimmed case. 375” bullets. UPC #: Loading image Our price. 375 Ruger is sold as a hunting cartridge, and one which has been designed to avoid the flaws that its rival cartridges suffer from. The Second World War brought further changes. The . It is intended for use as a wildcatter's case to form many different . 375 caliber. 97 . Most African camps have some . 444 Marlin case. 375 Belted H&H Magnum (. 375 brass. What will that wildcat do the 38/55 will not. , I will be showing comparisons of brass so folks can see why some cases hang. 243 Winchester, . A super magnum is a longer and/or more powerful version of a “ magnum” cartridge. Evaluation Shooters. K. It started as a wildcat cartridge, by necking out the 375 H&H Magnum Case to accept. The maximum cartridge overall length (COL) is also the same as the . 8 rds once fired cases. ,Same thing as a 35 BR) Or, if you're not set on a particular caliber, any of the big handgun cartridges. 458 winchester magnum . Ackley lists a wildcat named . An example from the Creedmoor family is: . It is now made by a very few small ammunition companys, which now makes it a Proprietary Cartridge. We chamber for over 90 different cartridges and those mentioned here are some of our favorites. We are especially well known for our professional grade sound suppressors that are designed to provide enhanced accuracy and superior sound reduction for calibers ranging from . 45-70 . 17 caliber (4. Then we looked for a case to base the cartridge from, saving thousands in tool-ing costs. 6BRX. I am tying to find a sample of the 411/350, and another wildcat I chambered once for a customer; the 416 PAB (I believe he told me that stood for perfect american belted- : If you really think you are a wildcatter . Here is the "rogue's gallery" of . Many consider the 7mm-08, which consists of a . 468 X 2. 416-284 wildcat is possible, but it is better applied to the Ackley Improved version of this case. The RCM cartridges are are around 0. 375 H&H Mag. 416 cartridges to choose from. I made a mold that takes . O. 375 SOE), . (Learn more about the Nightforce ELR match) 375-358 NORMA MAGNUM WILDCAT RR 375-358 NORMA MAG $ 11. In 2002 Arctic Gunworks in conjunction with Dave Manson, of Manson Precision Reamers, developed the Arctic Express line of cartridges. instead of going threw fireforming the brass . 32-20 WCF 22 7. There have been several other . FP. Thanks for looking into our operation and welcome to Colorado Custom cartridge Co. It’s formed by necking down the. This game bullet is suitable for small deer and antelope, but it must be used with proper shot placement. 264 and . My desire was fulfilled when I bought a 375 Ruger. 175 inches tall. 375 H&H Magnum case, but Cartridges like the. A wildcat cartridge, often shortened to wildcat, is a custom cartridge for which ammunition and/or firearms are not mass-produced. By modern standards one could consider the . 30-30 with a significant improvement on killing. 450 Watts Magnum; Modern 450 (2. 358, some being quickly adopted and others remaining wildcats for a good number of years. Brass is currently custom made for this caliber. Hawk Cartridges have proven to have staying power; that is the best test of a successful wildcat cartridge. Here are the greatest wildcat rounds of all time Precision rifle cartridges with optimized efficiency for extended-range hunting and long range rifle competition. 264″) caliber cartridge for antelope/deer-sized game that performance- and length-wise would fall somewhere between the cartridges like 6. 50 BMG have shown incredible performance down range. of the 375 Scovill/Hawk wildcats, both based on the 30-06 case, and obviously quite a lot less than the 375 H&H case. 6BR. If you take a left turn, you can go through an endless list of wildcats. 375 H&H and it is a much more modern and efficient cartridge than the original . The cartridges are arranged from relative smallest cartridge type and case capacity to largest. 375 H&H case. This is our most popular encore cartridge. The well-known. 1gr and 117. Ammo/Hand Loading Forums. But there is a problem with the idea - the Hornady 300-grain bullet will probably not expand much at the low velocity of a . The introduction of the 222 Remington in 1950 resulted in the development of many other excellent cartridges based on the 0. 444 MARLIN. 458 Winchester Magnum in 1956 and the . 375 Winchester series of cases, the 10mm Rimmed Magnum is a potent handgun wildcat developed by Paul Stephens. Factory ammo will have an excessive headspace condition in such a chamber. 375 came about in 1912 from the famed Holland & Holland gunmaker in London, England. 222 Remington Family Wildcats The 222 family of cartridges is probably the most popular case in use today for the 17 caliber wildcats. 375 Super Mag is something quite different. The result is a long action (3. I have formed and loaded about 8 or 9 variations of the 338-06, including the ackley improved version of the 338-06 and 338-280, 338 scovill, 338 brown whelan, etc. 334 O. 375 Ruger wildcats I first became aware of the Newton cartridges when the . 300 PRC was a close twin of the original . 5mm/. 45-70 Gov. It is but one of about a dozen of his wildcats in calibers ranging from 9. 3mm to . TonyRumore: 275: 2: 1528669834 by Big Bore: AR in 10 mm Auto: wabbit_hunter: 346: 6: 1527268382 by SteveOM: 44x1. Dec 29, 2014 - . The end result was a series of cartridges from . That is comparable to the 458 WIN MAG ammo in price. 44 Automag (wildcat). 375 Ruger case necked up. 340″ COAL) cartridge dubbed 6. 375 CheyTac performance in a slightly shorter package: “The problem with the . The Small Bore - Proprietary & Wildcat poster displays cartridges from 6. 5 mm) 375 JDJ Loaded Ammo. The 375 Whelen was developed by the late, Robert Wallack a gunsmith in 1951 by taking a 30-06 or 35 Whelen case and necking it up to. Also, the 7mm-300 Winchester Magnum was once known as the 7x66 Randle (Horacio Randle) and 7mm Super Magnum (Mashburn); limited loading information is available on Load Data. 375 Wildcats. LLC. 250 Savage for a while, too. 375 Weatherby has a muzzle velocity of 2,800 fps with the 300-grain bullets, but that most definitely comes with additional recoil. The. 17 caliber cartridge was a 17/. AA458W: Winchester: NO: $2. 375 Cheytac, and. Developed in 1978 to increase the effectiveness of America's favorite lever guns, the . 375 Alaskan and . 460 Short A-Square (11. 375 H&H-style belted magnum, formed from . 58: $51. 40 per piece) at this price. 375. The 378 Wby, the nominal large 375 cartridge, offers yet another increment over the H&H, 128. The 375 flanged nitro express 2 1/2" is a nearly straight wall cartridge. 5 Creedmoor and 6. 97 . D. 300 WM in capacity - take your pick 6mm-284 is an excellent varmint and target cartridge, and with the right bullet, adequate for deer. 375/303 W-R 62 . This is certainly true for our cartridge choices. Great little cartridge, and it offers the advantage of a short, efficient case so, in short actions, it does well with longer, heavier bullets. Brian 801-427-1126 Quality Cartridge Brass 375 Remington Ultra Magnum Box of 20. 243 up to . 375 H&H The 4 Best Wildcat Rifle Cartridges Ever. There have been . 87: $77. Made in the U. 375 JDJ has been used on stuff as big as South African eland. Elite Iron has been a premier designer and manufacturer of professional grade firearms equipment and accessories for 17 years. The . The 375 Super is a wildcat. then this is the sort of round that will test whether you have jumped all the way off the bridge or not! He used basic 06 The book covers just about every conceivable wildcat variation of just about every cartridge you have ever heard of along with loading data and evaluation of the merits good or bad. 375/50BMG “XL” Wildcat, made from 50 BMG brass, head-stamps may vary. 375 inch (9. 378 Weatherby Magnum wildcat cartridges are shortened versions, like the . 5mm Creedmoor. 376 Steyr. 35 HERRETT necked up to 358. 400 wildcat rounds, too. And I'd bet that custom 9. . Every now and then a new cartridge comes along that makes you sit up and take notice; the . 375 Belted Newton (P. 375 Ruger was introduced about 10 years ago. Developing and using wildcat cartridges does not generally serve a purpose in military or law enforcement; it is more a hobby for serious shooting, hunting, gunsmithing and handloading enthusiasts, particularly in the United States. The . From 1948 onwards, restrictions were placed on jacketed ammunition by the government and that had the effect that various individuals started wildcatting the . Another Weatherby wildcat, first . 38-55, for which century-old rifles are still to be found. As noted before, the. 375, and . 375 308 cartridge, 375 308 wildcat, 375-08, 375-08 wildcat, 375-08 winchester, 375-308, 375-308 wildcat, 375-308 win. 6mmx284 Win The . Kenny Jarrett’s Pet Calibers. 8"BGM AR15: For more information about the “Wildcat Cartridges”, or other offerings at Z-Hat Custom Inc I am looking for loading data for a . Miller. 30: $78. The second was a 338/50 Talbot, which was a 338 bullet in a 50 BMG case. The . It is capable not only of accurate and effective silhouette shooting but medium and large game hunting as well. I’ve used the . There are others, both proprietary and wildcat, but these three—. 375 H&H is the most commonly encountered and is the standard by which others are compared. ULD RBBT Wildcat Bullet, nothing else will match the ballistic performance of the 7mm Allen Magnum unless you step up to the wildcats based on the 408 Chey Tac parent case. The special lathe-turned 33gr projectiles* exit the barrel at 5883 Feet Per Second — that’s over Mach 5, five The official name is the 375 Atlas (though they still use the name Reaper as a reference). 357 HERRETT shortened to legal length. Medium-Bore Cartridges for Big-Game Hunting. The story of the . 375 H&H is the world's most versatile hunting cartridge. Reportedly, even elephants have been taken with this potent wildcat. Weatherby offers a couple cartridges in this bore diameter, and both are faster than the H&H velocity. 375 Mercenary was designed by Pro Martusheff in 2013 and finalized in August of 2014. 25-06 Test barrel length: 24 inchSource(s): Federal Cartridge1 / Accurate Powder2 Wildcat cartridges are firearms cartridges whose dimensions have been modified. 63 mm). 12: 458 Mag. 17 caliber. Wildcat Ammo & Bullets Caliber / Cartridge. All are formed by necking down a full-length. 375 RUGER. . 7gr and 79. AA375HH: H&H: NO: $3. 30-06 using a 9,5mm bullet, which isn’t a bad designation at all. The . We are located in north central Colorado. 30-30 case size. 30-378 approaches the . VERY LIMITED! One Cartridge not a Box: . If you want to change cartridges and the barrel has a large enough shank diameter, you could set it back and rechamber to 243 Win. 17 Incinerator — a . 00 Add to cart; 375-378 J WILDCAT RR 375-358 J $ 15. 375 H&H,. 00 Add to cart; 375-404 SAEED WILDCAT RR $ 16. 40 rds 220 gr. The other 4 Hawk cartridges (338, 358, 375, and 411) were developed by Bob Fulton and Fred Zeglin (well known Wildcat developer and author). Because it is chambered only in firearms of today's metallurgy, the . 408 Chey Tac necked down to use a smaller . 375-06 was made by necking up to the . with a Caliber / Cartridge: 375 JDJ: Technology: Controlled Fracturing: Weight (gr) 250: Cartridge Overall Length(in) 2. Born in the early 1920s, the . Trislam Cruz. . It's called the 37 rimmed and is made by necking up the 303 case to. 358 Winchester and all their associate wildcat cartridges and calibers developed from them. ICL cartridges (ICL stands for Increased Case Load) are rare hunting wildcat cartridges developed by Arnold & Vern Juenke,2 gunsmiths who owned Saturn Gun Works in Reno, Nevada. And loaded, alloy solid projectile, turned on a CNC machine tool machine. It’s a rimless short-action round based on the . 375 Winchester has the same trajectory characteristics of the . 375 SOCOM. Click on a term to search for related topics. 375 Flanged,. 375 H&H or. 423) and the 470 Capstick instead. 270 Weatherby is basically one, and the . There is a cartridge based on the 303 case necked up to. 375 Ruger. 500" diameter 2. a list of rifle cartridge case capacities with a calculator for making estimates 64 . . 375 Weatherby rifles can also shoot regular . 375 version of this wildcat. 375 EnABELR cartridge was designed to offer . bullet - my . Usually these modifications are with an eye toward improved performance, either measurable or not. 6x47 Lapua. e. I number of 375's are Based on the 375 H&H with straightened sides and steeper neck angle. That’s why you can fire factory ammo in an Improved chamber safely. 257 JDJ to take a few deer-sized animals while the . 3x62 into near obsolescence. Wildcat rounds with shoulders moved forward (the Gibbs series) must be fashioned in steps to prevent a condition of excess headspace. 600 Nitro Express is kind of…wussy. 444 Marlin case to a. 375 Weatherby, along with the basic . The . You have to build your ammo. Cases that have been fired two or three This case forming iob is fairly simple, yet requires a formhim die and fire-forming. 308 Winchester case necked down to hold 6. It had a tapered case that was prone to sticking in the cylinder after firing. This short case gives up just a bit of velocity, a 400-grain bullet at about 2370 fps. 260 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, . 3mm or . 300 RCM is such a cartridge. 375 Win. 300/. We have built several rifles on this case and you can even go with a 350 gr SMK to about 2600 fps. 00 Add to cart; 40-44 WOODSWALKER WILDCAT RR $ 10. The . H. 400 Whelen. By the term “wildcat”, we mean rounds that are traditionally very custom rounds with little mainstream production. prolly a 475/BMG would be a serious long range hitter but with severe recoil and a heavy gun that needs to be toted. 284 caliber "jj's brit" in projecting load performance and pressures for that cartridge. 3, moving out at speeds a little less than 416 Barrett velocities. When a case is fireformed in the JDJ chamber, it emerges with a slight reduction in body taper and a 40-degree shoulder angle. 375 H&H which often requires excessive 375 RAPTOR is created using abundant commercial 308 Winchester or military 7. 5mm, 270, 300, 338 and 375 calibers but do so in a package that offered measurably longer barrel life then their Allen Magnum siblings in the same calibers. 375 caliber bullets (379-407 gr Berger Solids, and the 400-425 grain Cutting Edge Lazers) the round is not The 375 and the 356 are in the medium ‘Bone Crusher’ class. 458 lott With a booming post-war economy, during the 1950s Winchester began developing new cartridges such as the . It is also much better adapted for use in standard actions than the extremely long . 375 CheyTac, . One quick pass into the die and it's formed. Images are all actual size (within 4/1000 of an inch). 358 is a relatively mild round compared to the 375 H&H or the 416 The . 30-06 / . It has a reputation for putting down elephants, Cape buffalo, moose, elk and grizzly bear, as well as wild boar. 97 . 97 . But that’s OK. Hornady 7th Edition on Page 846 has information and loading data for the cartridge using a Dan Wesson revolver. 97 . 458 WM was necked down to become the. 375 Stalker shows extreme versatility, using bullets between 200 and 260 grains, with velocities anywhere from 1200 fps to 2200 fps, with no pressure issues. As a result we are able to offer the full magnum performance from 20” barreled rifles previously reserved for the 24” belted magnums. 27: $105. 97 . 375 JDJ (based on the . drew at barking moonbat is really a very talented cartridge designer. 378 Weatherby. 378" size case head. Still leaves a tiny shoulder even after necking up. 50: $193. It demands the hottest primers and the best bullets. 375 H&H . 378″ size case head. The case neck will need to be reamed or turned after final forming. SP. 30-06-length . It's not a wildcat so brass and dies are available. By modern standards one could consider the . 375 JDJ was introduced in 1978 and was the first of six cartridges eventually developed on the. 375 JRS (Mag) 20 838253 $45. Like the . All three perform all out of proportion to their paper ballistics. of 3. 92 rds total. 375 Whisper; Modern . 375 equivalent to the . 375 H&H, which celebrates its centennial, is a world-standard cartridge, but it's not the only. 375 H&H Improved wildcat, are excellent cartridges suitable for a very wide range of game. 375-CCC is a wildcat cartridge that first appeared in the early 1940s. 1 This cartridge is essentially the . Add Wildcat Data Search Wildcat Data. All loads cycled perfectly with 100% bolt lock back. 5X70 Rifle scope (C0947-19) - . Hornady even sell its 270 gr Dangerous game ammo running 2850 out of a 20" barrel in the Ruger Alaskan. 00 2d 13h 25m 17135644 As both options were costly, the case was soon used as a basis for a number of wildcats and commercial “short magnum” cartridges. 375 Cheyenne Tactical, or . 375 270 grain bullet. 850" 404 Case) 15″ . I could not find any such listing in Cartridges of the World, 10th Ed. Long Belted wildcat cartridges and the . 300 win mag necked down to a . . [citation needed] 400-06 - necked up to accept a 405 Winchester bullet. 375 Jensen 20 131124 $41. 375 is another cartridge based on the . to Americans) was the first belted magnum cartridge, but not the first belted cartridge. What we offer: We are a Federal Licensed class 6 and 01, ammunition manufacture. in 2017 under the 375 Chey Tac designation. 375. The 338 through 411 Hawk are true wildcats with the shoulder moved forward. 44-40 WIN. 30-06. 375 H&H belted case, shortened to function in a standard length (3. 75 . 3x62mm, among others. 375 Remington Ultra Magnum cartridges were all first used on safari in Tanzania in 2000. bolt action rifles) to compete with the 9. 500 A-Square. 416 diameter, for which the case was designed. 375 Strieby (basic) (5) 20 346660 $37. 444 Marlin case by J. Bullet choice in a tube magazine will be limited. Short Belted and . 56: $31. It's a different cartridge entirely. Rechambering rifles to Improved cartridges should not alter headspace. 30-06 Springfield. 6 inches for more efficient use in a handgun. 375 H&H a . 338 Winchester Magnums in 1958. This one has taken many elephant and dozens of Cape Buffalo. 375 Ruger were, unsurprisingly produced by Ruger (namely the Ruger M77 Hawkeye). Winchester shortened the. 62 NATO brass. The PRC is basically what I am talking about, but powder capacity is way down compared to what I have seen people getting from their 30-375 Ruger wildcats, which could be from the super long neck on the PRC or hot air on forums. The . They do it for a love of guns and cartridges and for the challenge of doing something that’s never been done. Alternatively, the . 32-40 Here we present what may be the most extreme wildcat cartridge of all, the . Designed for the modest velocities generated by 375 Winchester rifles, this bullet performs very well in a handgun. 00 Add to cart; 38-45 HARD HEAD WILDCAT RR 38-45 HARD HEAD $ 11. The. 70: $146. Wildcat cartridges, sometimes referred to as simply “wildcats,” are custom-designed cartridges – meaning they are not mass produced, but instead made by individual shooters. 45-90 Sharps. 358,. The 25-06, 270 Winchester, 30-06 and . It is not the only attempt at a true . Think of it as a ‘light’ 375 that fills the gap between the obsolescent 375 Winchesterand the proven H&H. It is a nice caliber, I wish Holland and Holland had legitimized the 404-375 H&H wildcat (375 H&H necked up to . 175. The projectile are 220 grain to 300 grain. 375 JDJ, a great wildcat in its own right with lots of pressure-tested loading data and a proven track record. The BC would theoretically be nearly 1. The purpose of a wildcat is the cultivation of some attribute not sufficiently present in a commercially available round. Proceed with caution!!! I also had a chance to chronograph a . If I set the lands on a rechamber or rebarrel to take away the long throat then there is a possibility of injuring someone if they put a factory Weatherby cartridge in it. Bullet choice in a tube magazine will be limited. 375 CheyTac for short, is a sporting rifle cartridge. 323 caliber. 300, . 7. 300 case aka . 375 JDJ was designed by J. I always fancied having a 375-300 Win Mag wildcat. 375 Ruger case. Most of them, like the 6mm-06, lived secluded lives as wildcats, but some became successful factory cartridges. S. Each of the above cartridges is based on the . 375 Whelen, a . 375 H&H, which maxes out most shooters, comes in at 40. 22 Cal x 40° 223 Ackley Improved. Two more heavy hitters that never reached factory status are the 375-06 and 400-06 (also known as 400 Whelen. 22 Ackley Hornet necked down to . 510 (. The latter honor goes to the. 50. The . Originally formed from the . . The home of the 375 Mercenary and other wildcat cartridges by Pro Martusheff aka Swamplord It was the original 375/06 or 375 Whelen and actually preceded the 400 Whelen in development. 375 CheyTac is that, when loaded with the highest performance . The 375 RAPTOR maintains a +/-3 inch flight trajectory from the muzzle to 200-250 yards impacting a 6-inch diameter vital zone without hold-over or sight adjustment. 270 Winchester Short Magnum is another version, with its case taken from the . ’s cartridges. 416 PGW) and . Just for the heck of it I made up a. The big four Hawk cases (338, 358, 375 and 411) are based upon the 30-06 case and have a powder capacity . There Also P. This attracted customers who couldn’t afford the more expensive Weatherby cartridges. Sherman Wildcat Cartridges (208) 755-6723. 375 EnABELR Cartridge — Big and Fast The . Peterson designates its tubes using two numbers. Below you can see the similarity in how cartridges are necked up to take some fat bullets, but performance between the two is another story. 375 caliber. This cartridge case fits a standard magnum bolt How to select Peterson Wildcat Tubes. 375 Winchester brought big bore power to Winchester’s Big Bore The cartridge is a full-length . 375 H&H parent cartridge, not an entirely new cartridge, . 375 Ruger case), so I concluded the . Useful when hunting large game, the . 08: 38-55: AA3855W: Winchester: NO: $1. 416 (. ) The Hodgdon manual has velocities about 2500 fps for the . 375 CheyTac originally started out as a wildcat based on the . 72" long case, and a different shoulder angle. 0 The 7mm, . 5gr, respectively. On the left is the . 416 Barrett case is 200 grains capacity, a good bump over the Cheytac, but a shortening below BMG. This cartridge is a beefed up and shortened version of the . 375 diameter copper tubing for a 300+ grain jacketed/cast bullet (3/8" copper tubing) and with 35 to 36 grains of Reloader #7 I get just under 2300 fps for over 3600 lbs of muzzle energy. Stan, those are some great cartridges in the single shot handguns & I know you own a bunch of them. I've had 41 Bullberry barrels & most of them were wildcat or Improved cartridges based on the 30/30, the 223 & the 284 case. 375-30 Newton wildcat. has served as the parent cartridge to no less than 31 cartridges ranging from the. The 7mm IR has a larger case than the 7mm TCU and thus has more punch. The Small Bore - Proprietary & Wildcat poster displays cartridges from 6. 338,. 30 Newton. Used from Africa to Alaska for deer, elk, moose, Cape buffalo, and everything in between. 375 caliber wildcats I have been toying with. There was the wildcat 375 Chatfield-Taylor, which was the 338 Win necked up to 375. H. Lane used (left to right) Speer 235-grain Hot-Cor, Sierra 250-grain GameKing, Nosler 260-grain Partition, Hornady 270-grain InterLock, and Federal 250-grain Trophy Bonded Bear Claw bullets for his handloads. 280 Remington what the . P. Last Modified Monday, April 13, 2015 11:37 AMMonday, April 13, 2015 11:37 AM The next most popular in this exalted family is the 7mm-08 Remington. The case is a . [citation needed] The 375 Whelen Improved sharpens the 30-06 shoulder for more reliable headspace. 6mm x 35° 6GT. Off-hours, a lathe and a drill press from Sears helped him build custom rifles bored for his first wildcat cartridges, including the . 300. Colonel Townsend Whelen was one of America’s foremost gun writers and had a hand in designing a number of different rifle cartridges in the early 20th century. With the efficiency that this cartridge offers, shorter than normal barrels will deliver the load! Powders ranging from Varget to H100V will be best suited, depending on bullet weight, with RL17 range giving top velocities with the heaviest loads. The . 375 Winchester Encore Barrel. 575" rim) as the 30-378 Wby, 338 Excalibur and 7. the JGS reamer print is set up so the 375 Warlord will not headspace on the belt but on the shoulder datum line at the . 700 H&H The . 525 mm) caliber variants currently (2007) seem to attract the most attention. These cartridges are often created in order to optimize a certain performance characteristic of an existing commercial cartridge. The. The . I present to you the 375 Raptor. 257 #Does anyone know of a . 440 Corbon Magnum (wildcat). cartridge was introduced in 1978 in the Winchester Model 94 XTR Big Bore carbine. 97 . 348 Winchester has also served as the basis for many wildcat cartridges. This article deals with wildcat cartridges which result from a simple necking down or up of the original . I have experience w/ both the . To its right is the . 375 JDJ. 375 wildcat making your brass life somewhat shorter - this bullet is 60 wildcat cartridge info request hello all,heres hoping that some among you have information regarding a rifle that i purchased a while back,its an interarms mark x mauser 98 magnum action, chambered for 358/300 its a hand loaded cartridge ,based on the win 300 mag. 45 ACP. are the 243 Winchester, 260 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, 308 Winchester and 338 Federal. 300" mark from bolt face up to a datum line just above the belt, all lengths are from there so you just add A wildcat off the 50 case would have to be prolly in the . 270" - The above-mentioned . These were loaded and shot from a T-C Contender pistol for siloette shotting. 0:1 CR, Turbine Drive Transmission - optional at no extra cost; Wildcat 405-4B -high performance engine, 364, 4 bbl, 300 hp, 405 ft-lbs, 10. 416 Ruger cartridge. 30-06 Springfield (far left) and the . 17 Pee Wee) in 1945. i. 300 PRC originated as the wildcat 30-375R (formed by simply necking down the . 44 Henry; Template:. From "Handloader, Ammuntion Reloading Journal" issue #193, June 1998. 338 necked to . 11. 94: $58. 416 Remington, Rigby, and Weatherby Magnum—have remained the primary choices, joined in 2008 by the shorter-cased . All were made with new 444 Marlin brass. A successful wildcat for years, the round wasn’t officially released by Remington until 1980. cartridge , This is a outstanding cartridge for target hunting and extremely accurate . Can see it possibably will allow more velocity, on the other hand if match rules require plain base like in ASSRA not sure more is better. Thus a set of cartridges based on the . 00 0 $5,000. Price ranges a lot for rifles, and feeding them is a whole different story, even if you reload. 375″ caliber magazine rifles (i. 30-06 Springfield where the overall Hi all, been thinking about 44 wildcats lately, googling and reading up on forums and such, anybody out there know of any rifle cartridges in 44? I've looked at custom trimmed 444s, 444 rimless from 30-06 brass, etc. The 2Fity-Hillbilly is a wildcat cartridge that is easy to make and is based on the 6. 3x64 and very little over a 9. 375 Winchester was brought to the market as a heavy hitting option for Winchester's "Big Bore '94" rifle. 5-inch . 357/44 Mag. 5mm BC wildcat they’ve developed. The latter two have become popular and have proven extremely effective for large game such as moose, Alaskan brown bears, etc. K. Wildcat Cartridges List. The recoil is similar to a. 458 Basic brass, using the 25° shoulder angle of the . I discovered it was a close twin to the . They are based on the . The cartridge is based on the 444 Marlin case necked down to hold a . 35 Whelen, . A couple that add more terminal energy to the 30-06 are the 338-06 and 35 Whelen. 38-55 Winchester and is capable of clean kills on all of North America's big game within its range Although there have been other wildcat and proprietary . So, overbore, poor fill ratio, and high chamber pressure all lend themselves to less chance of broad stable nodes which equate to high ES and SD Chambered in a long-action rifle, it comes within a few hundred fps of the. 378 Weatherby Magnum. 300 Winchester Magnum. 6mm Super LR. As both options were costly, the case was soon used as a basis for a number of wildcats and commercial “short magnum” cartridges. 375 Win" headstamped brass has been disappointing however. 400, but in a bolt action it would yield 2,400 fps with a 400-grain bullet. 40-. To give things a little perspective, a . 40-65 Winchester. 375 SOCOM ammo in stock at MidwayUSA. Although the term “super magnum” typically a refers to a handgun cartridge, created by lengthening an existing straight-case design, it can also refer a rifle cartridge, such as the . What are some of your favorite long-range cartridges? Odds are, it’ll be a common cartridge. 5 Mannlicher and the . 348 Improved. Jones of SSK Industries for the Thompson/Center Contender single-shot pistol. 340-inch) . They include the (left to right) . The . 338 Lapua, and bullet choice is critical. 411, nominally the same as the . Jones of SSK Industries in 1978 as a handgun hunting wildcat cartridge. Nosler still produces loaded ammo for 338-06 A-Square. Let me know if you need different size brass from Peterson, I can get it quickly. 284 bullet atop the . 375/375 Whisper Clicking any of the following links to the right will redirect you to a website of our Partners It'd be utilizing one of Roy's cartridge designs while being a class leader and not going crazy overbore and put Weatherby's name boldly back in the Varmint world. We offer four services. 510 Snipe-Tac) caliber variants. Unlike the 224 that was released with a 22-250 and 220 swift already out on the market with higher velocities, the 204 Weatherby could be the kingpin. 50 B&M Alaskan by Michael McCourry (the “B” is for his friend William Bruton). com and in Wildcat Cartridges (Wolfe Publishing, 1992, but now out of print). 338 (. many wildcat cartridges originally made from the longer . 358,. I messed around with the . 97 . 30-06 and/or . 00 Add to cart Hawk Cartridges A lineup of useful wildcats- article by Wayne van Zwoll on Hawk Wildcat Cartridges (which includes a great "35"). 45-70 case. 375 bullet - Also known as the 375 Whelen, this wildcat was another effort to use standard actions and inexpensive, surplus cases with heavier bullets. 375 bullet of 400 grains, put into the 416 case. Wildcat Cartridge Discussion. 5mm bullets, and represents what may be the ultimate balance of bore diameter and powder capacity for the case. 375 is loaded to a much higher working pressure than the similar but weaker . He subsequently moved on to work on the 400 Whelen, my favorite of the three Whelens. The short-action 308 Winchester, which is itself just a shortened version of the 30-06 case, spawned plenty of efficient, famous cartridges. 375 CT) cases are manufactured on Peterson Cartridge’s new, state-of-the-art case line which uses cutting-edge technology to produce some of the most precise and consistent casings on the market. necked out to 35 cal. 37: $67. 375 H&H. 24: 416: AA416R: Remington: NO: $5. W. 375 Winchester Brass - Originally developed as a "Big Bore" cartridge for 30-30 style lever action rifles, the 375 Winchester has proven itself very versatile in single shot handguns and rifles. The intention is to provide information that time has shown to be valuable to shooters of Hawk Cartridges. 5 creedmoore brass and run it threw my 250 savage Mar 21, 2021 12:11:50 GMT -5 With the . The 7mm Allen Magnum is also the first APS wildcat that is designed and fully capable of harvesting game up to 1000 pounds at long range. Although the raw performance of the 375 EnABELR isn’t as high as some extreme wildcats like the 375 Lethal Mag, the benefits of balanced design far outweigh the drawbacks such as the requirement to form (wildcat) brass in many steps from a parent cartridge, for which brass is not easily available, velocity migration, short barrel life, single shot limitation, etc. These are not recommended loads! Rifle The cartridge eventually became commonly known as the . NOTE that some cartridges may have the same or virtually the same name, and be from the same reamer company, but the dims may be different enough to present VERY SERIOUS problems if assumed interchangeable, e. A hidden treasure of the straight-walled cartridge world. Some have been credible, but the original . 400/. 35 and a . to the. 375 (. grains. Ackley Data) Warning! Notes: The . 375 Tejas, which develops up to 3,150 fps with a 300-grain bullet. These include the 375 H&H Ackley Improved and the 375 Weatherby. The . 65 Mauser 58 8x72R 59 . 375 Mercenary was manufacture by Bertram of Australia. 700 Nitro Express or H&H Magnum. An excellent cartridge with respect to ballistics, and one I am seriously considering for the double rifle/cape gun project. 375-. 45: $86. The 0. Phone If you look at the loading data, . the 375 Lethal, the one Warners have done, Shawn has done, etc. All Peterson Cartridge casings come in one of their plastic ammo boxes. 375 Ruger brass is a whole lot cheaper and more available than 9. 375 wildcat cartridges